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   Adult Tennis/ Pickleball Programs

Around the Horn

Adult Tennis League, staff will help organize matches in a round robin style format. 

Thursdays: 700pm-830pm


Mondays: Learn to Play Pickleball 700pm-815pm

                  Drills, Skills and Beginning play

Tuesdays: Around the Horn style

                  Social Pickleball 530pm-645pm

                  Competitive Pickleball 700pm-815pm

Wednesdays:  Around the Horn style

                        Competitive Pickleball 530pm-645pm

                        Social Pickleball 700pm-815pm        


Are you a Social or Competitive Pickleball player??

Check by clicking below:

Social: Pickleball rating 3.0 or below

Competitive: Pickleball rating 3.5 or above


Due to Popularity:

Please sign-up for 1 night and 1 session only, if you are attending the learn to play pickleball sessions on Mondays  you can also sign-up for 1 night 1 session of social pickleball as well. 


There are no makeup days if we have cancellations due to weather. If we have severe weather, a text alert will be sent approximately 30 minutes before the start of class.

There is a $5 transfer fee to change lessons after registering.

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